Man's Wallet (help me gift one!)

  1. I want to buy a beautiful wallet for my boyfriend for his birthday. $100-200 range. Post me idea links! :biggrin:
  2. Make sure it's a double fold, Don't get the tri-fold, they suck
  3. Coach wallets last a long time. My DH has 2 and loves them.
  4. Michael Kors has great wallets.
  5. (I'm a male)
    I prefer card cases, but if he insists on a wallet then I'd probably go with something Gucci or Coach. The Coach wallets will last a lot longer than Gucci and come in a variety of styles - it just depends if he likes Coach.

    My favorite Coach wallet right now:
  6. Paul Smith or Jake Spade wallets are very nice
  7. My husband prefers card cases too. The Coach one was only like $30 at the outlet.
  8. What's wrong with the tri-fold? I was actually leaning towards one because he has SO many cards.
  9. DH loves the Mulholland Bros. one I bought him a couple years ago. The leather is gorgeous and it was quite inexpensive for the quality.
  10. I ended up getting the Coach "Crosby textured leather double billfold" wallet. I love how soft the leather felt and that they have a lifetime warranty/care plan. I got it monogramed with his initials... I really hope he likes it. I'm having anxiety pangs that it will be too big (even though I know he carries a million cards). I think its just the knowledge that he can't return it if he doesnt like it because of the monogramming. Thanks so much for everyone's help!
  11. It's clumsy. Like a belt buckle on a handbag.

  12. I have the same wallet..I bought it at Target for $10.
  13. are you like wellet, not famous brand? but quality good. some about 80$- 150$ ;)
  14. No, you don't... :p