Man's Bag? Isn't is a shame :(

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  1. Hey ladies
    couldn't resist not posting this beauty on the forum...sooooooo nice and wicked...isn't a shame its a man's bag?

    did anyone see it in person?

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  2. wow that's a cool looking bag.
  3. Wow, it's really nice. Nothing to stop you buying it because it's technically a men's bag!
  4. afriad it will look odd on me :sad:
  5. Well it's not the clearest picture and I'd never seen it before, but I'm sure it wouldn't look odd. I find that most of LV's men's bags are really quite unisex.

    In any case, I think it's much harder for a man to pull off a woman's bag (though many do manage it very well) than vice versa. If you love it, I say go for it!!

    Does anyone know the price and name of the bag, btw?
  6. I think its gonna be called
    Scott Campbell dragon bag
  7. It doesn't look to me as man's bag
  8. ^I don't think so, either. If you like it, go for it. Looks like it'll cost a pretty penny, though.
  9. Ditto. This could be unisex!
  10. Yes this bag was posted before. I do not know if or when it will be produced.
  11. i love it!
  12. Definitely can be a unisex bag.
  13. I reckon you could work it OP ;)
    doesn't look like a man bag, definitely unisex like the others said for sure.
    It certainly is a stunner though :drool:
  14. It's stunning! I think a woman can definitely carry it!
  15. Love you guys

    will wait for it :d