Manolos and Loubous: Size?

  1. I need your help: I only have the option of buying Manolos and Loubous online (since they're not available locally) but I am very unsure about the size. I am a 39 in Gucci and Ferragamo. In your experience, what size should I be aiming at with Manolos and Loubous?
  2. I would suggest a 39.5 on shoes with a rounder toe. You may want to consider a 40 if the shoe has a very pointy toe or in CL boots. I was a 39 and always got 39.5. I had a baby in Feb and noticed my feet have gotten bigger so I am now a 39.5 in regular shoes, but had to get a 40 in the Manolos & CL's I got this summer. Seems to indicate the half size larger is still valid.
  3. I tried these CLs today and a 10.5 fit me perfectly. I normally wear 9.5 in pumps. The 10 fit, but my toes were screaming for help. The picture is the patent one, but I tried on the leather one. I hope this helps
  4. Thank you very very much!
  5. If I were you, I would go up to a 40 in Manolos. I have a pair of the Gucci corset heels in a 38.5 which fit perfectly ... I've found that I'm a 39.5 in MBs and a 39 in MB Sederabys.

    CLs are more tricky ... sometimes the style is cut more narrow so you have to size up, and others are "more" TTS.

    What particular style are you looking at?