manolo question and ped question

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  1. so i just got my first brand new manolos this weekend. previously i only had pre-owned ones from eBay. i know from the pre-owned ones that i'm a 40. i bought 2 pairs of the same shoes (see the manolo thread) in 2 diff heel heights. i got them yesterday and somehow i got a 40.5 on the shorter heels. i tried them both on this morning and they both felt ok. but should i return the 40.5 for a 40? i have peds i can put in them in case they stretch but i just don't know what to do. they actually felt better than the 40s- which for some reason felt a little tight- but then again they're brand new and leather so they should stretch. wwyd?

    also- i got a pair of chanel flats. the SA at BG put a ped in the shoe- i guess to show me what they're like. but i don't need it. so i went to take it out and i think they bottom was sticky and now i'm worried i'm going to take it out and ruin the inside of the shoe.... is there a good way to remove it or just like a bandaid rip it out or bring it in to exchange it?

    eek. i have so many questions. thanks!
  2. Manolos can run a tiny bit small I think. I usually wear a 39, and I can do a 39.5 in Manolos as well. I'd keep them both! :biggrin:

    hmm as for the stickiness... I'd say try to rip the pad off really slowly? That usually minimizes the stickiness.
  3. thank you! so it's not odd to have the same shoes in a 40 and a 40.5?
  4. ^--- Manolo's are pretty consistant in sizing, but no, not unusual to have the same shoe in different sizes, particularly when they are different heel heights -- the way your foot slides forward in each plays a role in determining size. Also, it's not unusual to have different sizes for the same shoe if it's a different color/fabric, as leather reacts to different color dyes differently, and the manufacturer may use different types of leather that stretch differently.

  5. hmm - well if you can afford to keep them both - i would b.c they are gorgeous! and timeless - this way when you wear out on pair you have another one! if they both fit fine, but you prefer to return one of them - then i would keep the 40.5 - you're right the leather does stretch - but your feet also expand especially in the summer months. if the shoe is not so big that your foot is slipping out of it - i would keep the bigger pair just b/c bigger shoes are always better than ones that are a bit tight - especially when you start walking a few blocks - that extra .5 is pretty nice :smile:

    as for the chanels- if you can - take them back without removing the ped- if you risk pulling it out and ruining the shoe - then you def. can't return it - but if the SA put it in there and you don't need it - just explain that you appreciated it - but you'd rather not use them, but you don't want to ruin the shoes...etc. i don't see why they wouldn't give you a new pair. good luck!
  6. Try them both on again at the end of the day.

    I wear different sizes in different Blahnik pumps, but I wouldn't expect different sizes of the same shoe to fit the same based on a small difference in heel height.

    If by Peds, you are referring to the foam inserts, they shouldn't be glued in. They have a soft side that sticks to the insole, but if you peel slowly, it should come out.
  7. thank you everyone. great points. i'm going to keep them. i can always put something in the bottom if they stretch. will try that with the chanel ped. thanks!!!