Manolo or Jimmy Choo?

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Jimmy Choo or Manolos?

  1. Jimmy Choo

  2. Manolo

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  1. What's your preference-Manolo or Jimmy Choo?
  2. They're both fab, but I like Manolo designs better.
  3. ^ITA!!! Lately, Jimmy Choo's have seemed a wee bit uninspired. Although both brands are made really well.
  4. I like both, but without a doubt Jimmy Choo is much more 'me.'
  5. Manolo all the way... since he makes all those unique design shoes...
  6. Manolos for sure although my daughter got a fab Jimmy Choo pair for her debs, all diamonte front but the high street was full of copies short time later :sad:
  7. I have alaways liked both...but I think I like Manolo's better. Their designs have been so fabulous lately...JC seem a little on the blah side the past few seasons.
  8. i also like them both but prefer manolo's a tad more!
  9. both are made pretty well but I prefer the styles of manolos.
  10. I vote Choo. Not to say that I haven't seen some beautiful Manolos, but I find that the vamp on most of his shoes is a little too high.
  11. i'm just going to toss this one out there...but Christian loboutin (sp?) is sooo cute! and it's in about the same price range as manolo and choos...i believe.
  12. I voted Manolo, not just for his designs, but also how comfortable I am in his 4 inch heels.
  13. I like both designers but prefer Manolos designs. As for comfort, they both hurt the same if I am standing in them for too long.
  14. out of those options then I chose manolo. my top pic is Gucci
  15. I like Choos, I think they are more sexy than Manolos. But most of all I love Laboutins (even though I do not have even 1 pair yet!).