manolo, & louboutin, & chanel...OH MY!!!

  1. my most recent awesome shoe bargains....

    manolo $363 (Neimans)
    louboutin $280 (Saks)
    chanel $240 (Saks)
    shoesjan.jpg manolos.jpg CL.jpg chanel.jpg
  2. They are beautiful. Where did you find them?
  3. Great shoes! Congratulations! And such nice prices...
  4. Congratulations.
  5. what amazing deals!!
  6. oooh *love*!!
  7. Congratulations! Your shoes are awesome. Especially the manolos. I love them.
  8. Oh WOAOWWW !!!! They´re splendid, I love them. And at that price ?????? Can´t believe it !!!!!!!!! Why oh why I can´t do the good sales at the good department stores......snif. I bet you had to rush in the shop at 8 a.m !
  9. Love them all! You have great taste.
  10. I love them! Great prices too.
  11. thanks everyone! the shoes from saks were purchased right around christmas when they were having their additional markdowns. the louboutins are still at retail ($770??) on Neiman Marcus website!!!! manolos were purchased last week at neiman marcus last them during private sale though.
  12. You are so lucky. There is no Saks nor off fifth nor last call around where I live. :sad: Nordstrom only has limited selections of designer shoes, and no CL at all.
  13. Great deals!
  14. You're very lucky to find such a great deal!
  15. WOW, what beautiful shoes and I can't belive the price you got them at! It stinks to live out here in Seattle...we need more stores other than Nordstorm!