Manolo Blahnik "Ringo"

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    Has anyone seen these shoes ANYWHERE for less than retail? I saw them at Barney's over the summer on sale, but they didn't have my size. :sad: I've been looking for the nude patent version everywhere.

    TIA. :smile:

    Also, anyone know how the sizing is?
  2. Neiman Marcus in San Francisco had one on display last week in black. I didn't ask what other size had, but the one on display was a 36.5. I did ask if they had it in the nude, but a SA told me they only had the black. BTW, it was still full price.
  3. The nude patent version is from last season and sold-out long ago. No longer available at any dept. stores or the boutique. Best bet would be eBay at this point....and eBay prices for that shoe are mostly all under retail.

    Sizing is true-to-size. What size are you looking for?
  4. I'm usually an 8, so I guess a 38. I was hoping for something a little cheaper, but I guess I can lay off buying makeup for a few months! :p
  5. I got those at NM on sale this summer.

    They retailed for $585. What ever size you normally wear in Manolo should fit. Maybe a half size up if you have a wide foot. If they are a bit big it shouldn't matter since the strap keeps the foot secure.

    They are a great shoe!!
  6. Yeah--I remember when MB Ringo fever swept tFS.
  7. Weren't they on earlier this year? Not sure if they're there still....

    Ylime, the yorkie pup in your avatar is precious!
  8. I got them on sale at NM a while ago, but I've seen a few on eBay below retail.