Manhattan, Wapity & Mini Pochette owners..

  1. does someone have all three that can post pics of their wapity inside the manhattan and then with their mini pochette inside as well?? And of the wapity and mini next to each other?? Doesn't matter what material either, just need to see size reference IRL.

  2. PM or GM?
  3. pm please. :smile:
  4. I'll post some pix in...........2-3 hours once I get my comp back from my dad lol
  5. okie me back. I don't have a mini pochette, but in terms of width, it's about 1 inch wider than the wapity
  6. Eva, your bag is so organize and the colors are yummy. :love:
  7. thanks pinki :shame:
  8. ohhh sweetie, LOVE your contents!:heart: :heart: :heart: how pretty!:love: