Manhattan TPF Gathering

  1. Please let me know if you would like to meet in Manhattan with other TPFers. Either post here or PM me. I posted separately under Handbags & Purses, and have started receiving responses. Thanks.
  2. As long as it's a Saturday or Sunday and I have advanced notice, yes.
  3. yeah, if you plan something on a sunday i can make it :smile:
  4. Id go!
  5. Tried doing this over the summer and it ended up just being Jill and I (still loving my Prada boots from that day !!) Would try to make it on a weekend -- but tough for me till the real estate season slows down.
  6. maybe the second time around's the charm? i'm MUCH more flexible with my time these days (jenskar knows why :p)... would love to meet up on the weekend with everybody. can't shop too much, but can walk around window-lusting :upsidedown:
  7. WHEN WHEN WHEN??? Sundays are best for me.
  8. let me know what date/time you decide. I'm not too far and might be able to make it!
  9. Hey, how about this Saturday the 10th? We could do lunch.
  10. Jillybean and I will be staying overnight in NYC(shopping anyone?LOL!)on NOV 21..the day before Thanksgiving..anyone up for a meetup?
  11. YES! Can I come? :yes:
  12. I can! What are we doing?
  13. Ugh. BF coming back from business trip overseas, so I'm playing the role of happy, reunited GF. Have fun!
  14. :crybaby:I wish I wasn't in Florida for Thanksgiving...I would have loved to meet everyone...Theres always next time