Manhattan PM vs. Cerises Speedy?

  1. Tossup between these two and can't decide = which would be the best way to go? I know the Cerises is ltd' edition but is the PM also?

  2. Well, since all the cerises speedies are sold out, I'd say the Manhattan would be a darn sight easier to find. The only way to get the cerises now is on ebay, and the very few authentic ones are going way over retail.
  3. not unless you buy one used...let-trade had a cerises speedy (someone on here bought it) for about $829...great condition and everything.
  4. True - I amend my statement to include that.
  5. i totally love the manhattan! esp. the manhatten GM! its big and its just so beautiful!
  6. My vote is for the cerises speedy all the way :smile:
  7. I would go for the speedy!
  8. my little sister bought the manhattan pm and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it if sophisticated, young, and fun all into one. the pockets are great she says.