Manhattan PM or Lockit???

  1. Which would you get the Manhattan PM or the Lockit in canvas??
  2. OH the Manhattan PM for sure!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag. The lockit is hot tho too but the Manhattan PM is just incredible!
  3. I'm sloooooowly saving for a Manhattan PM. Hoping it will be mind by Christmas :smile:
  4. the Manhattan PM :love:. i have it and it's a fabulous bag :yes:. the Lockit in Monogram Canvas looks really weird to me; i prefer it in the Suhali line

  5. Ohh you have the Manhattan it much smaller than the Gucci large Boston...we both have that have great taste...I want to add an LV to my collection and think the Manhattan may be the you find it goes with a lot and do you like has much has your Boston? I bought four Gucci's this year so, I think I need to mix it up a little and LV seems timeless. Do you get compliments on your Manhattan? I like bags that stand out and are timeless...thanks
  6. Manhattan PM, I think the shape of the lockit.. is kind of strange, it looks like a pastry on handles (sorry lockit loving girls !).
  7. Well, I have the lockit PM and love it!!!! It is so sleek looking. I had the Manhattan PM but sold it. When I compared the two, the lockit just seemed more sleek without the two front pockets that make the manhattan kind of bulky. But, both bags are great!!
  8. Agree although it seems like the Manahattan doesn't hold that much stuff.
  9. manhattan
  10. just got the manhattan! waiting for my birthday in a couple of weeks to use it! I love it!! it looks classy but subtle...i posted some pics in the's the PM, MM, GM club...
  11. manhattan pm!
  12. Manhattan PM;)
  13. The Manhattan PM, I have this bag on my wishlist for "one day" when I can afford to get it.:flowers:
  14. I had the Manhattan PM and sold it. I got it when it first came out, but I was always paranoid I was going to scratch the buckles on the front. I'm just that way though. I needed something more low maintenance.
  15. I think both bags look great. But out of the 2, I would definitely get the Manhattan PM.