Manhattan GM or Fendi Spy


Fendi Spy or Manhattan Gm

  1. Fendi Spy

  2. Manhattan GM

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  1. I like both bags but can't have both and they are almost the same price. I just went to eluxury and the Manhattan GM is selling for $1870. Is this bag worth the money? What do you that have the bag think of it? Also, I can't buy the bag until april.
  2. Well seeing as how I love LV...I vote Manhattan!
  3. I love Fendi Spy bags, but I prefer the manhattan. I see a lot of fake Spy bags like from Wet Seal and other stores that copied the design. I know there are fake Manhattan running around but I have yet to come across a GM one.
  4. What kinda Spy bag?
  5. Manhattan GM! I just bought a Spy bag and I was very unhappy with it.
  6. Honey or Black
  7. i have both. and i :heart: them both.... but i think i love my spy a wee bit more cuz it's soooooooooo super comfortable to use. i'm actually looking to get anther spy.

    what spy are you thinking of getting?

    you can get a used one on eBay for a lot less than retail so you can buy BOTH!!!!:graucho:
  8. and also, keep in mind that you are in the LV section so most of your votes will be for the GM.
  9. the spy! hologram...
  10. Oh no! Sorry to hear that Michelle! What was wrong with it? I'm usually a LV fan, but was 'thinking' of getting one.. Do you mind sharing your experience?
  11. As much as I LOVE Manhattan GM, I am going to vote for a SPY as I am over the logo bags (for now, anyways :nuts: ).
  12. Wow. 50/50 now :graucho: I vote Manhattan GM. Maybe b/c I LOVE LV:yahoo:
  13. I vote Manhattan GM, I only like the baby spy satchel
  14. I think the Manhattan GM is more classic -- more lasting -- than the spy.
  15. manhattan gm