Mandy Moore's GH Bag???? What color Blue??

  1. I just saw a picture of Mandy Moore on the People website under Photos. She is carrying a GH Bag in a blue color?

    Does anyone know what color this is? It almost looks like French Blue.

  2. I remember seeing a pic of her carrying a Marine in GH. So it could be Marine (was it dark blue?)
  3. [​IMG]

    Incoral, was it this one? It's marine, Mandy looks so gorg w/ it!
  4. Well I'm assuming that's the same pic they have in People. I've seen tons of pics of her carrying that bag

    Marine w/ GH Part-time (i think)...

    final answer :p
  5. It is Marine...! Very Pretty....

    Thanks for posting that :smile:
  6. Marine, and it's stunning!
  7. I am telling you ladies have to join the GH club. It looks really pretty.:yes:
  8. Marine PT :drool: :drool: :drool: ... still not digging the GH though, maybe if I see it IRL I'd change my mind :yes:
  9. Definitely Marine!

    IMO Marine is gorgeous IRL:smile:
  10. I intend to. I'm only gettting ONE GH. The new style Hobo in sandstone if they ever come in. I really like it in natural but I have a natural City and it's too late to exchange it.
  11. powder, my NM has them now in Black, White and Red. I am going there tonight to see them.:yes: