Mandy Moore fights germs from strangers

  1. Mandy Moore is terrified of germs.

    The singer-and-actress has a phobia of microscopic nasties and takes
    antibacterial wipes everywhere she goes to protect her from catching

    Mandy told Marie Claire magazine: “I’m a bit of a germ freak. I carry
    antibacterial and alcohol swabs with me when I travel.

    “I don’t think it’s a weird germophobia thing, but when you are shaking
    people’s hands, meeting lots of different people all the time, I don’t want
    to get sick. It’s as simple as that.”

    Mandy, 23, isn’t the only celebrity scared of germs.

    Gwyneth Paltrow also reportedly keeps a germ-free home.

    The actress - who has two children, three-year-old daughter, Apple, and a
    16-month-old son, Moses, with her Coldplay star husband Chris Martin - is so
    paranoid about bacteria she never uses public toilets, takes her own brush
    to the hairdressers and scrubs hotel bathrooms before using them.

    Gwyneth, 34, is also said to ask visitors to remove their shoes before
    entering her home.
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  3. I'm a bit of a OCD sufferer as well. Lol. There's definitely nothing wrong to be more cautious.
  4. i don't find this odd, then again I am really anal when it comes to germs too. ESPECIALLY bathroom and kitchen germs!! :sick:
  5. I don't find this that strange.
  6. I find this to be quite normal behavior as well. I carry antibacterial wipes with me in my bag always. I am constantly washing my hands. I like clean!

    I love Mandy, too.
  7. i don't find this odd, nothing wrong with wanting to stay clean and germ free.
  8. wohooo i'm not the only clean freak around here!
    removing shoes before entering home is a perfectly normal thing to do.
    carrying antibacterial wipes is another normal thing
    so is bringing my own towel, or carrying my own brush to the hairdresser.
    or putting sheets and sheets of papertowel on the public toilet seat
    changing bedsheets every week, or not sharing forks and spoons and straws with strangers/friends.
    i guess it's just how much you know about the micronanolife around you and how much you care to keep yourself clean.
  9. That's true - she does get around ! :graucho:

    Seriously, if I met so many people and was exposed to so many things, I'd be a little paranoid too.
  10. I don't think that sounds odd at all-just smart. I never wear my shoes in the house, either. Especially since I work in a hospital. Who knows what I could be dragging in on the bottom of my work shoes?!
  11. We never allow people to come in with shoes and we usually dont have to remind them....they just see all the shoes out in the front. I'm anal about germs when it comes to me and the kids too
  12. I TOTALLy understand her.....I work in a hospital !
  13. I think it's weird when people DON'T remove their shoes before walking around inside their house. Just think of all the nasty stuff they stepped in outside. GROSS!
  14. Do you think a paper towel is going to stop germs from a public toilet seat if you are placing your behind on it? It kind of throws the rest of your stuff out the window. I personally do not use a public restroom unless I absolutely can't take it. If I do, I do not touch anything. My ritual is as follows: push the door in with my back, grab paper towels, open door with paper towel, lock stall door with paper towel, HOVER over toilet bowl sometimes balancing my bag between my legs, if a shoulder bag, I put it around my neck. Wipe, put clothes back into place. Then take sheets of tp to unlock the stall door. Then I grab paper towels to turn on the faucets. Grab new paper towels to dry my hands then shut off water. (BTW, I never fix my makeup in public restrooms either) Then I take ANOTHER paper towel to open the rest room door or if there is none, use tp or wait for someone to come in. :sweatdrop:

    Take that Mandy! :rolleyes:
  15. Not really that strange, I carry Purell with me everywhere.