Mandy Moore denies Wilmer Valderrama Conquest...

  1. Well, Mandy Moore has denied Valderrama's statement on Howard Stern radio show last month.....(he said that he took Mandy Moore's virginity)
    Jennifer Love-Hewitt also denies his conquest tale....(Jen was an 8 from scale 1-10)
    I think he's a real jerk....:roflmfao::roflmfao:
    What do you think of Wilmer Valderrama.....?



  2. I liked him pretty much on the 70s Show as Fez until I read what a jerk he was IRL.
  3. Woah. People...especially guys, should NOT kiss and tell. and ESPECIALLY not about taking someone's virginity. I think it's even sicker that he rated them! Even Justin wasn't that bad when he ratted Britney out.
  4. I haven't heard much about how Wilmer is in real life, but his show "Yo Mamma" on MTV was hilarious! Just the thought of him dishing out that kind of dirt makes me sick though. Bad Wilmer!
  5. I don't like him very much, he just seems like a real jerk to me.
  6. I liked him on That 70's Show but he seems to be absolutely revolting in real life!
  7. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I always thought he was nice and when I read that before, I found it surprising cause I thought it was so un-him....or so I thought.
  8. not a fan. it's hard for me to even watch my 70s show dvds anymore because i find him so repulsive. :\ oh well.
  9. That 70s Show is one of my favorite shows and I have all 4 seasons on DVD right now. I really liked him, but now everytime I see him, I want to punch him in the face. :mad:
  10. Very repulsive and immature. Do not care for men who make degrading comments like that about any women. Be the bigger person I say and keep your mouth shut!
  11. He was funny on That 70s Show, but seems like such an a**hole in real life. Why Lindsay was so in love with him I'll never know.
  12. The best retort in my opinion would be for these gals not to deny they were involved with him, but rather to comment on the size (or lack thereof) of the guy's... ehem... assets.... ;)

    Trust me, that would stop his self-important bragging mighty quick.
  13. :lol::lol::roflmfao: You crack me up Roo. I do agree with you though, that would definetly shut him up :amuse:
  14. oh my god. is it true? wilmer is such a jerk. i gotta agree though, that his show yo momma is pretty funny. but thinking about what he said really piss me off. :sad:
  15. I don't think yo momma is funny at all actually... and he isn't the kind of host I would expect...

    I think she is gorgeous- I've always loved her