Mandarin Tresor Wallet

  1. As many of you know, I love the mandarin color. I have been watching a mandarin tresor wallet on Eluxury for about four weeks. I went to order it tonight as I am on spring break next week, and I will be home to sign for the package. Guess what? It was gone, and it was just there a few hours earlier. I called and the lady said there were no more in inventory. Great!!! Just my luck.

    So, I checked thirty minutes later, and mandarin along with the blue color had reappeared. I snagged it. It should be here next week. Some day, I will use my sister's camera to take pictures of my mandarin collection.

    Just wanted to share my story with you. :smile:
  2. Congratulations on getting your mandarin wallet! I love that color too...
  3. Sweet. Mandarine is def my favorite LV fab of all time.
  4. Thanks. It is a great color.
  5. great great color! i have a mandarin wallet too and never get tired of looking at it. one of the best epi colors imho.
  6. Congrats! It's a beautiful color and wallet. I love how your font is orange as well. :p
  7. congrats! i love that color!
  8. Thanks. You should see the bulletin boards in my classroom.

  9. It is a great color, but I find that might need a red bag. :yes:

  10. How has your wallet held up? I am so afraid it might get dirty. I have the six key holder, and the keys have really gotten the epi mandarin dirty on the inside. I ony hope the money doesn't "stain" the wallet.
  11. well...i have the one that is just called "wallet" and i have the say the coin section is pretty dirty and ingrained into the leather. the bill section isn't bad at all. but my main problem is the edges of the wallet where there's a fold...the orange has worn off leaving a dark leathery base underneath. it's not the most attractive but because i love the mandarin so much, i put up with it. i got mine back in march it's been 3 years. i have to say that the toledo blue epi wallet i have didn't start showing wear and tear until 6 years +. so not sure if it's only the mandarin color that has probs. there's another post recently on this problem and that's the same prob i have too.

    but i would still get it again knowing the probs it has. :sweatdrop:

  12. Thanks. I have been very hesitant to purchase a wallet due to this problem. Tonight, I am throwing caution to the wind. :sweatdrop:
  13. It is a beautiful color. Congratulations!
  14. The only epi color I like is mandarin congrats:smile:
  15. Congratulations.