Mandarin Jasmine vs. Mono Ellipse

  1. I know I know. Two totally different styles. I was thinking of the Mono Sonatine style before, but I changed my mind and rather something that will carry more.

    What do you ladies think between the two different styles? Jasmine or Ellipse. And mandarin seems to be a cool color, not matronly like black, and i've seen the jasmine in red, but i doesn't do anything for me. but is the mandarin too limiting a color to wear everyday.

    which is why i'm thinking of a style in mono canvas.

    the Ellipse PM shape is also starting to grow on me too. in the celeb sticky, i've seen only madonna's photos carrying it, but i just don't know yet.

    i'm looking just to carry the essentials. ahhhhh! help before i buy something i'll regret and return!!
  2. I love mandarin. It's definitely a great spring/summer color. I have a black jasmin and it's something I use for work interviews. If I had it in Mandarin, I would use it all the time. I'm not a lover of the Ellipse though.
  3. I have (and love) both bags.
    The Jasmin is great and you can really match more than you think up with that Mandarin color.
    And I have the Ellipse PM and it's a great size for me. I love how it can be either dressy or casual as well.
    Either way, they're nice bags that are really roomy and comfortable to carry. Just depends on whether you want a monogram bag or an epi one more. :smile:
  4. Special order the Ellipse in EPI Mandarin?? Saves you time deciding
  5. :graucho: I'll like to see one:nuts: .Mmmm I'm being bias here and choose Jasmine:smile:
  6. i hate the shape of the Ellipse. i've seen too many fake ones where i live :yucky:.

    i love the Jasmin. and i think the Mandarin can go with more than you imagine. for starters, it looks great with jeans and a white or black tank top :yes:
  7. I vote for mandarin jasmin!
  8. mandarin jasmin all the way!
  9. i totally agree - Jasmin in the mandarine for sure!!!
  10. Another vote for the mandarin Jasmine. Prefer the shape and the colour... well.. so pretty, it speaks for itself:smile:)
  11. vote for mandarin jasmine
  12. If you like both, then buy the Epi Jasmine first because the colour will be discontinued sooner or later, but the Ellipse PM/MM is part of the permanent collection so you can buy it later if you still want it. :flowers:
  13. i HAVE been leaning towards the jasmine. I usually do like color, but Mandarin will brighter than any other color i've ever had, which is what makes me a little wary about matching it to outfits. i saw a picture here on a thread of a woman with a mandarin speedy in a black top and black jacket, and it didn't look halloweeny to me.

    does complexion affect the look of the bag on you? i've got a south asian complexion that's considered golden by cosmetics standards. you don't think the mandarin will look weird right?
  14. I had the Ellipse PM, and the shape is absolutely adorable - I always felt very chic carrying it. But I ended up exchanging it because I really needed something larger. However, if you only want to carry a few things, it might be perfect for you. I saw someone at Costco yesterday carrying an Ellipse with a gorgeous dark patina, and it still looked great.
  15. Jasmin for sure! :love:
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