Managed to shop with a GRUMPY hubby in tow

  1. Did I deserve a reward or what??

    Thanks to some lovely ladies here at TPF :heart: I went to NM ready to buy a Jumbo or that gorgeous new flap that kimalee has, but sadly realized that I am not a caviar type of gal.I was drawn to the Perfect Day , it was indeed perfect :love: Hubby was just like :cursing: Not another big bag :tdown:
    I asked about a Ritz & my SA looked one up in the system & yes, NM does have one left forgot to ask what color though because you know, big bag & all.
    I did find the perfect bag, nit to big for him, classic flap style with a twist for me. I loved the leather, loved the classic chain, the CC turnlock & it wasn't too big so I picked.... the Le Marais[sp?] flap. Sadly, it was not to be as I ran into my first experience with Chanel quality issues :crybaby: They had 3 in stock,3 pretty bags all with pretty big flaws:sad:
    Finally saw this cutie on the shelf & she came home with me, my SA said it is from Criuse 08 but I haven't seen it in any of the cruise threads on here so if anybody knows what it's called please let me know.
    cimg4633lp7.jpg cimg4637uo6.jpg cimg4645wx3.jpg
  2. I am not sure of the name, but it is very pretty. Congrats on the new bag, and making it through shopping with the hubby.
  3. pretty bag, enjoy!
  4. MMMMMMMMMM that leather looks so soft, congrats!
  5. not too sure what it's called either - i dont think i've ever seen it.. but it is a gorgeous bag - congats!
  6. Thanks ladies, the leather is very soft & kind of like the bubble flaps w/o so much puff. She called it the soft flap & it really, really is :smile:
    I liked the black accents on the hardware, it reminded me of chanel bag that I loved in the 80's :lol:

    Best part of the day was when I realized I still have 1700 buck in GCs left, DH didn't want me to spend more than half of them so he picked up a portion of the cost... almost made up for the grumpiness & the butting in on my decision making.
  7. good to hear. Your bag is beautiful- congrats!
  8. it's GORGEOUS! congrats!
  9. The first numbers on the box are 07P, does that mean it's from 2007? I swear my SA told me it's from cruise 08 :wondering

    tag says
    classic bag with flap
  10. WOW, taco... very pretty! -unfortunately I don't have any intel on this fabulous bag...

    However, perhaps you can give me some tips on how to deal w/ a grumpy DH (when it comes to shopping)... D-BF seems like he'll be one of those when we're married! :nuts:
  11. Gorgeous flap, looks supersoft and super comfy to wear, Enjoy and many Congrats, Yay for Grumpy DH's the world over who still fork out their CC's for us wives!!!
  12. Nice bag! LOL, I have to admire you for sticking up to your hubby and getting the bag in his presence. Whenever I pass by Chanel with my hubby, he intentionally push me forward so that I pass the store. Now, we never make it in to the store together.
  13. Hey taco,

    Gorgeous bag! It's called the "Soft Handle' and it's from s/s 07. One just sold on eBay for around $862. It also comes in a tote version. Very beautiful leather. Congrats!
  14. :push: thank you goingindebt, that's not good, my new baby is going right back to Nm. That is over a $1k off :s Hmmm, I think I need to pick a new SA :lol:
  15. cute, congrats.