Managed to get some Kylie tickets

  1. :yahoo:
    so happy.

    I just love little Ms Minogue so much. She is coming over to the UK to complete her tour in January and I have got some tickets 6 rows from stage (well, she is so small that you have to get em close up ;) )

    am so happy, I am dancing (to kylie songs, obviously :roflmfao: )
  2. That is amazing!!! She is such a trooper- have a blast for us!!!!
  3. Congrats chloe-babe!!!!

    That's sooooo awesome. you're going to have a blast!!!!! :party:
  4. I love Kylie! She is so hot! I wish I was going!!! Congrats on the tickets!
  5. Hey Wow, congrats! As a Melbourne girl, I love Kylie!!!
  6. Congrats! That's great!
  7. Congratulations - I am soooo jealous - bet she will be amazing!:yahoo: