Managed to get my hands on some Anthracite Nacré through an exchange! *squeal*

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  1. This time a couple years ago, I had one LV wallet, my trusty Josephine which I used incessantly for almost 5 years, firmly convinced I didn't need anything else. Now with 8 or 9 LV wallets I've started culling the herd but still picked up a black epi Zippy not long ago, thinking it was a perfect addition to the family and a welcome change from all of my browns and reds. It sat in its dustbag and box for several weeks unused.

    Then I got a message from my favorite SA out of state who had managed to get her hands on an Anthracite Nacré! Being banned I wasn't going to buy it but when I mentioned the unused black zippy I'd purchased the previous month, she graciously allowed me to do an even exchange.. and now having this beauty with my Rose Nacré I am utterly thrilled! I was using the rose nacre so much it was getting dirty along the zipper pull and I hated having to put it away for a rest so I'm stoked to be able to use this beauty instead... as soon as i can bear to switch out of the hot pink!

    So here is a little reveal of the anthracite pearl epi zippy, shown with hot pink and black Epi for contrast! :love: it's really hard to capture the gunmetal sheen on this wallet but it is absolutely stunning and i hope they do more Epi Nacré because pearlized tones just sing to me! I'm not sure how limited these are but all of the boutiques I do business with have told me they're impossible to find and long gone from inventory.

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  2. Congrats!! I hope they do more pearlized colors too. Really love the durability of epi. So classic. The hot look gorgeous as well.

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  3. Gorge!
  4. Congratulations on such a beauty! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
  5. Very lovely. The color is gorgeous and I must have. I like this one as much as the electric epi zippy in black and they would look so nice next to each other in my wallet drawer.
  6. You have the epi electric?! I'm jealous!!

    Thank you all! I hope they do more of the Nacré shades! I never get sick of them.
  7. Here are better shots of the pearl sheen.

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  8. what a great SA you have!
  9. Oh my god. This is a gorgeous piece. I could seriously vomit blood with excitement. Jealous of your collection.
  10. Best quote of the day! 😄👍
  11. It is gorgeous! Congrats!
  12. :nuts:

  13. I have an alma pm anthracite and it is the best color! Congrats!

  14. So beautiful!
    Quick question- what is that cute little black bucket bag/SLG behind it?
  15. Lovely! I'm hoping for more pearl shades as well.
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