Man purses, yeah or nay?

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  1. More and more men....including celebs are using man purses...what do you think?

    Terrence Howard at the Oscars


    robert downey jr

    Hugh Jackman
  2. A messenger bag, a bum bag or a briefcase are ok, the rest is not.
  3. If it's messenger style or something like this I don't have a problem- it's much better than stuffing everything in their clothes so they look awful
    I prefer to see a nice back then one with a wallet in..:smile:

    I'm not sure about the first one...
  4. messenger is ok! i love men wearing messenger bag, especially vintage leather ones.
    but clutch is a no no
  5. Hugh Jackman carrying a messenger - yes!
  6. Agreed! Messenger is okay.
  7. Messenger and briefcases are ok but no clutches. Leave that to the ladies!

    LOL Although my BF does carry my designer purses for me when we go out so I wonder if that counts as a man purse? Hm...
  8. Messanger bags and that sort are ok, nothing fancy for the boys. and def. no clutches!
  9. everything is okay! I could never deprive another of his/her handbag...but maybe not anything with sequins or beads. I have limits
  10. In Phoenix, the thing is belt pouches. If you're Scottish, the thing is called a sporran. Some are worn like the traditional sporran and sometimes they are off to the side a little. Way better than that fanny pack craze!
    Anyway, if a man feels confident enough to carry a bag, go for it!
  11. I wish my husband would carry some sort of bag. I inevitably wind up toting around all his ****.
  12. It depends on how hot the man is. ;)
  13. Its a good idea...but i only like the messenger bag.
  14. I am not digging the clutch either...that looks a little wierd for me...:shocked:
  15. I think Terrence is adorable but I sorta hope that is his date's bag...sorry. Hugh Jackman looks good carrying the messenger. I see ALOT of men with messenger bags at the train station.