Mamma Mia

  1. Having just graduated high school, I received some money - and decided to get one toki from the outlets (once pirata arrives). I've been eyeing the mamma mia, mainly because it's so cute... but I was wondering how low it hangs below the armpit? I don't want something that'll be halfway down my body. I'm 5'3'' =/ Tell me why you like the mamma mia, and do you have any other bag reccommendations for pirata? I'm looking for something that's 130 or under. Thanks! :yes:
  2. The MM straps are perfect. They are not really long, but long enough that you can put the bag over your shoulders. I think the Pirata would look good in a MM.
  3. I saw a picture of a playground MM someone was selling on eBay, and the straps looked longer than the actual bag - and it scared me D: So I had to post about it. But as long as they're not too long, I'd be all right~ I was thinking about just driving out to SH or Woodbury and just trying them on when they come in =/
  4. the straps on an MM is definitely not too long, it's a very nice bag to carry around on your shoulders, i love my amore MM.

    a pirata MM would be real nice... and you'd certainly be able to get one below $130 when SH outlet starts selling it :tup: i'm planning on getting something in pirata when that happens too :yes:
  5. I'm 5'2" and I LOVE my Mamma Mia. It's my favorite! =)

    Here's a pic I found of me carrying the bag. Sorry, this was the only good pic I could find w/me and my Mamma Mia. =P Don't mind my dumb friend. Haha jk.

    And this is just one of my favorite pics!! A baby yorkie in my Mamma Mia! =D If only he was mine!

    Hope this helps with your decision, Dancing Nancies!! :tup:
  6. Puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Dokiiii that is so cute. there is a pic somewhere of me and my paradiso mamma mia - I have two now, (one in paradiso and one in spiaggia) and I love both. I think the pic of me is under spacy tracy's thread 'tokidoki in action' or something like that.
  8. PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is SO cute. if i were you dokiiii, i would TOTALLY snatch up my bag n run away hahahahahaha xD

    oh, and MMs are GREAT bags! fits all the essentials w/o being too big of a bag! one of my faves :]
  9. awwww... i want a toki MM with a puppy inside too! :p
    Dokiiii: the baby yorkie is tooooooo cute! couldn't stop staring at him/her... awww, such a sweet little thing.
  10. i definitely love my mamma mia.. i agree that it's a good-sized bag :tup:
  11. Dokiiii - your pics are cute. Love the puppy!:p
  12. Dancing Nancies - The Mamma Mia is definitely a great bag! If you dont mind the mesh (I know some people dont like it), then its a great med. tote bag to use for everyday stuff! I have a MM in L'amore.. and I use it sooo much that its dirty :push: But its a GREAT bag to use!! I'm 5'2" and the straps are fine!

    Dokiiii - PUPPPPY!!!! That baby Yorkie is so adorable!! I wish my doggy fits in my bag.. but he's 7 months now so he wont fit :p He'll fit in the trenino :lol:
  13. hmm these pics are making me want a mamma mia too!!
  14. I have a Pirata MM and is one of my favorite bags.
  15. [​IMG]

    This is me and my friend in Taipei, Taiwan last summer, I'm on the left, with my playground Mamma Mia :smile: it's a GREAT bag and it fits comfortably underneath your arm! =)