Mall of the WORLD announced!

  1. I live in Northern Michigan which for years has been a resort area. It was just announced this morning that the Mall of the World is being built just a few miles from me. THis mall will be 10 miles long and 10 stories high and built on traverse bay. I'm not sure what to think of this (i hate how its going to destroy some of our natural beauty- they should have built somewhere else) however, nice shops will finally be near me! This is going to put the Mall of America to shame (they're only 3 miles long)
    Construction is starting this August and will be completed in 2014
  2. 10 miles long? Woah! How would people get from one end to the other?
  3. lol, omg. thats crazuy. sorry, ytping with one hand bc of baby
  4. lol the MoA is so overrated. And its a pain to get around, I cant imagine trying to get around a mall even bigger.
  5. OMG, that is insane!! Can you imagine being on one end on the bottom floor and realizing that the other thing you need is on the 10th floor - other end of the mall!!! Man, they'd better have people movers or something. Or maybe it's like 3 of each store, so it's really only like 3 malls stacked on top of each other? I dunno, HUGE!
  6. So it will take 7 years to build that?? :weird:
  7. WHOA! They're going to have to have a little train that can take people from one end to the other so they don't pass out trying to make it to the other side lol!
  8. :wtf: thats a small town, not a shopping mall!
  9. Okay, I love in key west and the closest thing we have to a shopping mall is KMART. Yes, Kmart. this sounds like HEAVEN to me. I so so so miss mall shopping. Thank god for the internet. I would give up my ocean view for a mall ANYDAY.
  10. What stores are they going to have? High end ones?
  11. OMG...i want a 10 mile mall near me!!
  12. thats sounds so exciting i can imagine them having like a train to haul people from one end to the other and when you see a store you like you pull the little thing and the train stops haha !
  13. TALK ABOUT MALL WALKING!!! lol sign me up.

  14. Well I know what you and I will be doing in 2014......
  15. Sounds cool.. but I'd think I could only walk 1/10 of it before getting tired & lazy lol.