Making the first move

  1. Why some men do and some don't? I like this boy and I can feel that he likes me too. I am waiting for him to come and talk to me but so far...he hasn't. Should I wait or take the initiate?

  2. I say take. I always say take. Life is too short, no time to waste waiting around! Lots of guys like it when girls make the first move.
  3. yeah.. im with ya lv-lover, just go for it. take the plunge and reap the benefits of doing so.

    p.s. fill us in, i love gossip. heh
  4. I made the first move with my current BF. It's going to be 6 years in October. Why wait? You find out if he's interested or not right off the bat so if he's not, you can move on instead of you keep waiting for him to make a move.
  5. Make the move already. It might be too late of you wait. Good luck!
  6. Go for it! Take the leap. It's better to know than not know.

    When I got my first apartment there was this guy who was really friendly to me all the time. So one day I just asked him if he had something to say because it always seems like he did. Well he didn't. He shot me down quick. Ug. I'll never forget that day. I drove off so quick after that. :sad:
  7. i hate it when boys make us make the first move :sad:. i did with my last boyfriend, after he pussied out (excuse the term) on me once. if i think a guy is interested, i flirt generously to build his confidence so HE will take the step. i like to be pursued.

    i know it's thoroughly unmodern of me, but oh well. i want to be taken.
  8. Hey's it going with that guy across the country?

    I'm old fashioned too..I like the guy to make the first move
  9. I'm also old fashioned. I never make the first move. I think that if a guy likes you enough, he won't be shy about it.
  10. I like to be pursued too but some guys are just so damn shy!!! I'm glad I made the first move though. LOL.
  11. I like thold fashion was of being chased , But some guys , like it when u make the first move . It like a fear of reject type thing some times...

    So i say that to say , make the inital contact to let him know for sure
  12. This is what am I afraid of. I guess because he is kind of short.

    To be honest, I didn't notice him at first. I only started to like him after realizing him "checking" me out. I can tell by his eyes that he really likes me.

    Maybe I should be more approachable in the coming days so he might take that step. If not, I will go for it.

    Thank you all for your replies.
  13. If I like the person a lot, I will just go for it. Why wait when u can just do it.
  14. I thought about that too. If he likes me a lot, he'd come and talk to me already.

    That's why I am so frustrated.
  15. things are going well, but lets just say we're taking it day by day :yes: