Making me NUTS!

  1. In the new LV ads Scarlett is wearing those bracelets the cotton with embellishments on them, well I picked up my new Instyle today and they have one type of those bracelets there listed as $185, yet I can't find any other information on these, it might be hard to see in the ads but does anyone know any info on these... like where to get them, what the different kinds are, if they're available, how hard they are to get???... I've been dying to get one!!!


  2. Did you call the 866 #?
  3. I have seen them on the Rakuten site:yes:
  4. oh ya I was curious about these bracelets too, I thought that's specially made for this particular photoshot, since it matches her hair :p
  5. i didn't call the 800 number I rataher get info from you girls lol
  6. cute! I never even noticed it!!
  7. It is very cute!
  8. ya, I just know that they're 185-300$, not much else......
  9. maybe they haven't fully released them?
  10. they're kinda cute!
  11. [​IMG]

    These are the ones I saw in the Instyle, $185
  12. They really are cute, you gotta let us know if you find them.
  13. iv seen pics of them in blue also, looks like it could be denim.