Making Antigua Plate GM into a small bag??

  1. Hello! I heard somewhere that you can buy a strap at LV and turn the Antigua Plate GM into a pochette of sorts?? Is that true?:nuts:
  2. I'm not sure if you can attach it to the Plate GM, I'll have to look at the picture, but I do know you can but a vachetta strap that can be used as a replacement strap for all pochettes.
    Maybe that's the one? It seems like you'd have to attach both clasps to the one D-ring on the side and just turn it into a wristlet.
  3. i guess you could try, you can easily buy a wapity strap and attach it to the d ring on the side and make it hand help, but to make it a pouchette could be harder, for that you would need the pouchette strap, which will easily attach on the d ring, but i dont know if it cna clip onto the tab on the other side, an lv pouchette extender might work as it has the flat ended bit which may slip underneath and then a srap can attach to teh top (this would be needed anyway beause the pouchette strap is known to be very very tight)
  4. Thanks for the help, guys! If it works, I think that it would be really cute:smile:
  5. yeah i think it would be! good luck
  6. You're welcome...if you do it, be sure to take a picture!!
  7. You can also buy a long strap.
  8. I think its more of a wristlet. there is only one place to put the strap, unlike the pochette.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. talk to fashionmike, he just bought one
  10. I think you can attach the Pochette Accessoires strap to the d-ring on one end and clip the hardware end to the zipper pull.

    This is how the older PA used to have the strap attached before LV introduced it with d-rings on both sides.
  11. Great advice, ladies! I actually just called my LV boutique and spoke with an SA, Melanie (super sweet, BTW). She said EXACTLY what addictedtolv said!! I am so excited to try it.

    I am still in the process of deciding between getting either a) the Saleya GM or b) damier speedy 30, antigua plate gm w/strap and the pink monaco scarf. So I am not 100% sure if I am going to get option "b" yet, but if I do I will be sure to post pics of the antigua plate with the strap attached.

    Thanks again, ladies:smile:
  12. In either case, remember your PF friends when you decide ! We want pictures ! :graucho:
  13. here are some quick pics. i try not to take my pictures with flash so they came out pretty blurry.

    this is the antiga plate gm in brun havane with pochette accessories strap. i dont usually wear it like this as I use it as a wristlet usuing my wapity strap

    pictures are horrible but you get the idea (too lazy to get the tripod):yucky:

    IMG_4310.jpg IMG_4312.jpg IMG_4313.jpg
  14. very clever...
  15. Aww.. cute !

    Does it go over the shoulder ?