Making a Collection

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  1. Recently I have been collecting three of my favorite brands. Tano, Maurizio Taiuti and Ananas. How you found yourself collecting and which brands?
  2. Well, so far, I have gravitated to Kooba, Cynthia Rowley, Michael Kors, Francesco Biasia, Cole Haan and 3 Anuschka bags because they are so darned funky. I've been selling and giving away my bags that I don't wear too often, and I plan to add by getting another Kooba shortly. I don't like to go over the $500 mark, and I've been really good at that. I just change bags out so often, that I can't bring myself to spend more than that, but I consider all my bags to be of really good quality.
  3. ^ What's an Anuschka bag? Photo please??
  4. My collection is very modest, but I mostly focus Marc Jacobs, Kooba, Linea Pelle, and LV.

    I am looking to expand on this, and have no problems buying other brands. I had several Hayden-Harnett bags, but now I'm down to just one.
  5. My collection is very diverse. 2 LVs (selling one of them, though), 2 Biasias (totally different material, color, style though), 1 HH, 1 Tano, 1 Boyy, 1 Coach, 1 Gryson, and misc. no namers...and I have black, brown, gold, copper, purple, orange, all different colors.

    I am stalking a Gryson in nylon - not sure what color or style and want to find a bargain. I'm being patient, lol.
  6. My collection is diverse too, I like to try various brands and I also try to get a different color everytime. Well I just started collecting, and have till now:
    1 Loius Vuitton, 1 Coach, 1 Rebecca Minkoff, 1 Lauren by RL, 2 LP, 1 Balenciaga, 1 Belen Echandia, 1 Juicy, 1 Puma and various brands accessories.
  7. MJ and L.A.M.B.... i have lots of Indie bags, too.. Ananas, Anna Corinna, ...and then MK, kenneth cole, andrew marc.
  8. I've been collecting the whole L.A.M.B. line (clothes, shoes, watches, bags) for about a year now, but before that I was into Marc Jacobs (as well as MbMJ), Gucci, and LV. I've been thinking about going back to my old ways of diversifying my collection with different designers, but for now I can't pry myself away from L.A.M.B. :shame:
  9. Mine isn't very diverse. The majority is Linea Pelle though. I love super soft handbags.