Makeup that is menopause hot-flash proof?

  1. Hi, Ladies

    I am going through early menopause, years before this was supposed to happen.

    I get hot flashes complete with light sweats on face, neck, and upper chestfront at least once an hour.

    I haven't dared to wear foundation since this started a few months ago. But changing hormones are inspiring my skin to break out again, like in my teens.

    Oh joy :p

    So I need some coverage.

    I dye my brows and lashes so those areas are OK. Eyeshadow is off limits since the sweats but I can live with that.

    Any tips? TIA!
  2. Sadly, there is not a foundation that is perspiration-proof.

    I know it is controversial, and may not be for everyone, but hormone replacement therapy made a tremendous difference in my quality of life, and if your gynoid thinks it would be right for you, I highly recommend it.

    That will take care of the problem at its source.
  3. I agree. There isn't any make-up that won't slide off when you perspire. :sad:

    Wear layers of clothing... so you can take off your sweater when you get hot and IMO, don't wear foundation. It will look worse after you perspire. It doesn't even look that good before you sweat because I think heavy foundation can look aging. Just use concealer where you need it.
  4. Try Bare Minerals from Bare Escentuals. It is a mineral foundation, and is very natural so you don't get lines and streaks if you perspire.
  5. Also, it is a powder, BUT it gives full coverage.
  6. What does it look like at the end of the day? I've heard that the mica in the product starts to look dry after a certain number of hours... ?
  7. Well, I have very oily skin, so I can't say for certain for someone with dryer skin, but I admit I have slept in it, been in a hurry the next day and just powdered over it and touched up, and it looked almost as good as the day before, lol.