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  1. I did a little searching but couldn't find anything... is there a site of some sort which posts when all the Gift With Purchase events are happening at a number of different stores?

    I find it annoying to have to go to several company websites (such as Clinique, Estee Lauder, etc.) just to see when and where their next events are. It's equally annoying to have to go to all the websites of the department stores (Nordstrom, bloomingdales, Saks) to find out which makeup counter will be having these deals.

    Lol, sounds like a silly question to ask but i like to have incentives to buy things :graucho:
  2. I bet makeupalley would keep you informed. I don't know of any websites that do it religiously. But a lot of beauty forums will let you know. It also depends on the stores...I know different stores here do it at different times....I think.
  3. Do you have a BA that you usually go to who works for one of the lines? I am sure they would love to put you on their client registry and call you before there is a gift. Many BA's like to call their best customers before the gift and reserve their products for them too. I believe that Macy's has a Lancome gift starting 8/7, and Estee Lauder has one on 9/4, and I think Clinique is in October.
  4. I had about four or five people calling me the last few weeks. I have a hard time saying 'no.' LOL.
  5. Have you tried signing up for the newsletter on the brand's website? I signed up in Clinique's and they always email me for upcoming gifts with purchase.
  6. OMG! NM calls me 2-3x week about product events, specials, facials or just to check in. it's almost annoying. bloomies calls too sometimes. i get postcards from bloomies, macys, nm, Bergdorfs, etc from the different line showing new products with the free gift cards attached weekly.

    plus, i can't remember the last time i bought something at a counter and they didn't give me freebies.
  7. Nordstrom has a ton of beauty exclusives and gifts with purchase available online right now.