makeup bag

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  1. Do any of you know where I can get a makeup bag? I saw the balenciaga one online and I think it's really cute! Do any of you have one? I would love to see pics!!:love: I can't go to any stores because I don't think they sell them at all here..anywhere..
  2. :sad2: getting a little bummed here..don't any of you have the makeup bag?
  3. I saw that roz77772002 sells them on ebay uk, she has black, caramel & metallic pink. Item number 5444539941, if you want to see pics.
    I havent seen the bag IRL, but it looks really cute, could probably also be a nice clutch.

    (I tried to link to the page, but it didnt work, sorry!)
  4. Thanks!!!
  5. has them, but I think in the denim/leather range. They have cute pochettes there too:smile:) And they ship to lots of places.
  6. Hi clink...I have one in metallic silver. It retails for $495. You can actually use it as a makeup bag inside a larger bag or you can use it on its own as a clutch. I would call the Balenciaga store in NYC because they ship worldwide and they probably have the most in stock. Good luck and let us know what you get!!
  7. I wish I did! I don't use good make-up bags because I tend to be absent-minded and forget to close one thing or another and end up getting it everywhere, especially any kind of cakey powders or lipstick. :sad2: The only one I use is the Prada nylon one because I can throw it in the washing machine or dishwasher when that happens.

    If you do get one, please post pics! I'd love to see one and see how you like it!