Makeup bag dilemma

  1. I just got contacts and invisaligns... and I'm looking for a cute Hermes makeup bag to help me be a good girl and carry around the lens case, small bottle of cleaning solution, the invisalign case and a small mirror.

    Can anyone suggest something that might fit all of those items but still not be too bulky or heavy? I'm sure a Kelly clutch would be perfect :graucho:, but not so perfect on the wallet... I took a look at the canvas ones shaped like a bolide, but didn't see any colours I really liked. Also, would prefer leather.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. What about Karo PM or Bebop clutch ?
  3. i know this is sacriledge but i just bought a really cute tory burch makeup case on eBay. lol
  4. Thanks!

    LoveThatThing, I just searched for bebop and saw Cal's photo. I think it might be PERFECT. Off to call the Hermes shop...

    HLFinn, what's truly sacrilege is the current state of things -- 2 ziploc bags inside my Birkin!
  5. I didn't care for those canvas ones either, Beaumonde. I think a Karo PM would work but the price is up there.......I have a Karo GM and that fits a ton of stuff - the only problem is that it doesn't really fit inside my 28cm Kelly's without taking up most of the room. So, in my smaller bags I'm reduced to using a black nylon zip bag I found at the Bobbie Brown counter last year! Works like a charm but it's not Hermes........
  6. ^
    Also LV has tons of different bags that could qualify as a make up puch in virtually all sized you can imagine. O.o
  7. Again not hermes but Pucci has a lot of great makeup pouches in a number of sizes....
  8. ^^ i love pucci prints!!! :girlsigh:
  9. What about the tiny leather pencil case, called a Picotin? Here's a pic of one perched on my Massai bag. Mine is a bit sombre but they look really cute in bright colours:

  10. Maybe if you post a photo of what has to go inside, we can help you figure out something? Good luck with your new teeth and eyes!
  11. Karo PM fits nicely in the 28 cm Kelly. Karo GM would fit a small bottle better. Piccolo (small pencil case) would not fit the small bottle.

  12. You know I think ShopMom is onto something here. I have a collection of all these freebee makeup bags, and some of them are quite attractive. Since I have been using the GP bag which is fairly open, I have been putting everything into zipper bags. I actully found some red ones that match the red tohu bohu lining of the bag! It looks very neat and great! They look very respectable next to my turquoise chevre Bearn and key case.

    Before you spend $$$ on a bag for your retainer, take a look and see what you have in the house.

    Sorry if I have said something politically incorrect to some of you. But I think that I would rather put the $$$ to a handbag. I'm not an inside the bag snob as long as everything looks neat and pretty!
  13. the thing with a makeup case for me is i am really fickle about them and change them all the time. much more often than a wallet or any other accessory. i let it go and let it go and one day i look and it's covered in schmutz and ratty and makeup all over and i say FEH! and get a new one. right now i'm trying an lv one and hoping the nicer it is the better i'll keep it but you never know. i bought it on eBay so i'm not out too much money of i end up hating it. then again you might not be a hot mess like me and keep your things super nice!
  14. I'll just add a clarisse GM to that.
  15. Or the trousse Bolide?