Make-Up vs. Sunblock

  1. I admit I don't know much about make-up but which should I put on first? Especially when I'm using foundation. The make-up or the sunblock?
  2. I would put sunblock on first since if you put it on after foundation you could risk messing up the foundation.
  3. Good point.
  4. Sunblock first, then make-up. It is also a good idea to wait a bit between applying sunblock and your make-up - allowing the sunblock to sink in.
  5. Or you could buy makeup that contains a sunblock. Then you won't need to apply both.
  6. :yes:
  7. ITA. I use a (non-tinted moisturizer with spf 15 first, then after it sinks in I use a foundation with at least spf 15 (sometimes alternate with an spf 30). either way, the moisturizer is light and won't get in the way of the foundation. Believe me, this ritual has REALLY paid off after the last 15+ years! :yahoo:
  8. I use Laura Mercier's foundation with SPF20 but sometimes that doesn't seem like enough SPF on those sunny days. I have sensitive skin too when it comes to anything related to sunblock so I have to watch out which brands I use.
  9. My sunblock IS my makeup - For about 5 years, I have been using La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL 50+ creme. It is tinted and serves both purposes. I buy tons of it everytime I go to Paris. I think it is only available at this strength in Europe - The tint is hard to find. I wouldn't go outside without it. I give it full credit for the youthfull appearance of my skin.
  10. I find that my sunblock leaves a white tinge to my skin even when I apply it under my makeup, any have this problem too?