Make Up Storage !

  1. [​IMG]

    Mine is very similar to this one, but mine is by MAC. Ive had it many years. I also have a small aluminum case for brushes, then a a large vintage box for foundations.

    How do you store your makeup ?
  2. Oh wow! That's a fun container!

    I have a 3 drawer white plastic box that I use. It looks like this It fits perfectly on my bathroom counter. I keep my eye makeup in one drawer, my blushes & bronzers in the second and random stuff like hair ties, bobby pins & nail files in the third. I also have a bin I use for lipsticks and lip glosses because I have too many to fit in the drawers.
  3. I have a pink 4 drawer pull trolley that houses my collection!
    In the top drawer I have all my 'eye' stuff such as mascras, eyeshadows, brow pencils etc.
    Second drawer is for 'lips' so balms, lipsticks, gloss, primers, pencils, etc go in this one.
    Third drawer is for my brushes and sponges, applicators,sharpeners, mirrors that sort of thing.
    Fourth drawer is for my 'face' stuff, so theres my foundations, powders, concealers, blush, highlighters, bronzers, fix+ etc, etc.
    I used to have a make up case but it was no good-I needed more room! With my trolley, the draws are deep enough to fit lots of things in plus they are sort of transparent so I can see whats in there and get really easy access to my stuff. Its also really easy to transport round the bedroom depending on wher I want to sit to apply my make up.
  4. Here's a pic of what I have. I had no problem filling this baby up either!:cry: :P

  5. I put my make up in the draws in my bath room.
  6. Kat, I have the same one except in black. Got it at Sephora a few days ago. I had NO problem filling it up, either! I think I might buy a smaller one for my lipsticks and lip glosses though! I have too many of those! :yes:
  7. pradasmeadow:

    Gorgeous~!! I wonder if MAC still carries a similar one, do you know?
  8. haha, you can see my pochette trousse in the background!

  9. Yes they do, mine is black, Ive have had it for many years, the one in the picture is by shu uemora. Mac carries them in silver and black.
  10. kay:
    do you have the shu emora/ sephora make-up case?

    also, did your brushes come in a set like that? If so, the name?
  11. I have a pink "professional" caboodles I bought at BJs for like $15.00. I don't wear alot so its great for me.
  12. Make up storage has always been an issue for me. I can find anything that I'm satisfied with. I want something that I will be able to look through and find things easily. I'm in the process of moving so I'm thinking of some type of drawer you think Ikea would have something like that? Or maybe I'll try that MAC case. How much is that?
  13. I have the MAC case, I bought each of my MAC brushes separately, they were not sold in sets.

    I have this case in black, it works well for me plus i have a lot of makeup and i need to travel with it alot.

    The ikea draws sounds like a really good idea, and i'm sure you will find something that will work for you.