Make 1 Out Of 3

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  1. okay, this is how the game works:

    you say three characteristics and the person below you says one thing which most likely meets all the criteria. KWIM?

    here's one example:

    i say large, grey, heavy

    so the word is: elephant

    let's start:

    small, red, juicy
  2. cherry

    gigantic, hot, yellow
  3. sun

    round, gold, small
  4. ring (or my dog)

    bulbous, bumpy, red
  5. Santa's nose.

    Cold - Dark - Damp
  6. earth

    blue, wet, huge
  7. aquarium

    big, green, shade
  8. moss?

    brown, oval, hard
  9. cutting board

    hot - steamy - smelly
  10. lockeroom

    soft, edible, unhealthy
  11. doughnuts

    furry, cute, cuddly
  12. puppy

    black, plastic, eyes
  13. eyeliner

    Cold, wet, sour.
  14. Unsweetened lemonade? :lol:

    gray, hard, cracked
  15. asphalt

    blue,round, sweet