Magic pendant in Carnelian

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  1. so here is my quandary and i figured I would ask the experts. :P
    I have Onyx magic Alhambra earrings in yellow gold
    I recently got the Alhambra bracelet watch in yellow gold with white and black MOP and onyx.

    I wear black and white daily with accents of color, mostly red but not always.... so i decided to get the single magic alhambra necklace in Carnelian to tie it all together.

    I am starting to doubt my purchase with black earrings and tri color watch, would you pick Carnelian or would you go with White MOP or something else

    My ideal pick would be black MOP but this is not offered.

    So ladies what will it be?
    I probably will not add to my collection so this could be it
    I would like to wear them together yet want a necklace with a sturdy pendant:shrugs: enough to wear daily..... not sure how the different stones measure up with wear.

    Excuse my newness on this subject. I have long loved the brand and yet want to make the right choice
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    Last edited: Jun 3, 2015
    Let me make sure I understand what pieces you already have-- do you have the super size onyx earflaps or the dangle earrings?

    Is this your watch?


    And last question -- are you talking about the long Magic pendant? I am thinking yes because I don't think the short Magic necklace comes in carnelian.

    I am not sure this will be an easy decision on what will look best without you trying on a pendant with your other items. Sometimes what I visualize in my head doesn't look the same when I try it irl. So in the end I think your best bet will be either going to VCA or trying something at home to give you an idea ( lol -- I have cut out pictures of things and tried to simulate them at home on many an occasion.)

    Carnelian can be tricky because it can be reddish or orangish and because it is translucent the color of clothing can affect what the color looks like. I am not the biggest carnelian fan but I do own the 16 motif Magic carnelian, tigers eye necklace and a long Magic carnelian pendant. ( I found that I never wore my 20 motif necklace and earclips, so I let them go.)

    I am not sure that I would love the carnelian worn with your other pieces, but I am honestly having a hard time visualizing it. It might really look lovely together and I just can't imagine it. My gut reaction was first that I would prefer either a black onyx or white mop long Magic pendant, but then I wondered if the black onyx pendant with black earrings would more matchy than I like. So with that I ended up thinking your things might look nicest with the white mop Magic long pendant.

    But without seeing it all on in person this is just a guess for me--if you give me a hour or so might change my mind! :lol:
  3. Omg
    Thank you so much. Yes that is my watch, my earrings are the black ear flaps and the magic carnelian is the long. I am headed to Van Cleef today and will look.
    Something was telling me white MOP but I just figured Carnelian would pop but I think I is too much contrast. How is durability with MOP vs carnelian?
    Thank u
    Thank u
    Thank u
  4. I love, love, love your watch! It is gorgeous!

    I also have the black supersize onyx earclips and love them to death!

    Honestly I am not sure about the durability of MOP vs carnelian, so hopefully another member will chime in. I do have a lot of VCA mop (including the white mop long Magic pendant!) and haven't had any issue. I do take care of my my jewelry though and store it when it isn't being worn.

    I would try on all of these long pendants -- white mop, onyx, carnelian and the letterwood (if they have it).

    I can't wait to see what you think -- I am such a visual person that I have trouble with decisions when I can't see exactly what we are talking about. I like your idea of the pop of color from the carnelian, but you won't know if it is the right pop until you see it (and it may be dependent on the color of the carnelian they bring you).

    The letterwood is probably not going to be a good option either, but I wear my a ton and find that it goes with about everything. You'll now right away whether you like it or not.

  5. Like sbelle, I think you are going to have to go and try the pieces on in person – but my gut instinct is that the red Carnelian necklace is not going to be as versatile as you might like. If you already have dashes of red in your wardrobe, you may want to keep the necklace more neutral - and while I absolutely love the Carnelian with Tigers eye, I don't always like it with Onyx. It depends on the context. I personally find the white mother-of-pearl magic absolutely gorgeous against almost any color. It looks wonderful in summer and in winter too! In my opinion, it would probably be easier to wear than Carnelian.
  6. First of all, welcome to this thread!!
    I have to agree with the two experts who have commented. While I LOVE carnelian, I would prefer to see either while MOP or onyx with your lovely pieces.
    VCA really should release black MOP because it is gorgeous and we "need" it....!!!
    Love your is such a special piece.
  7. Verdict is in
    Went to vca hell bent on MOP. The SA, myself and my daughter were all quite surprised that the carnelian was hands down the right choice with my pieces, skin tone and wardrobe.
    Thanks for the fab advice ladies. Truly was the right thing to go in and try on the options.

    Yall are the best

  8. I am surprised, but that being said I very often find that the thing I think will look the best ends up not being the best option.

    I am sure it looks beautiful -- so nice that you had help from your daughter!
  9. Congratulations on selecting the perfect piece!
    Carnelian is so beautiful 💕

  10. Too funny. I have experienced this myself - what we *think* is going to be the best option sometimes isn't! Congratulations on your beautiful new necklace. You'll find many, many fans of carnelian here (including me)! Please post a photo if you can :smile:
  11. I have to agree! I've gone to VCA dead certain that such-and-such would be perfect, and half the time I leave surprised....both letterwood and malachite were disappointments. For me carnelian was hands down the winner. You just never know until you try it on! Congrats!!!