Maggie color difference Acorn / Walnut

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  1. Hi guys. Quick question. I have all Legacy bags but the Maggie 14336 is really growing on me. Can someone tell me what the difference is in the Acorn vs. the walnut? The photos look similar. They both have brass hardware, correct??? Thanks so much.
  2. good question im wondering myself. maybe a bit more reddish tone?
  3. I have the Acorn alexandra and it is such a beautiful brown. It does have a reddish tone to the brown color but it is stunning. It reminds me of the color of the Brandy in B Makowsky handbags. I haven't seen the walnut so I can't commit on that bag.
  4. TBH I could barely tell the difference when the acorn came out, but I never saw them side-to-side. They do both have brass hardware. I have a walnut Hailey and thought about getting an acorn Maggie, but the color was so similar. The lining may be different, the walnut Hailey has a dark pink lining, I don't know about acorn.

    Here are the drilldown pics of Maggie in acorn (1st pic) and walnut (2nd pic), the acorn does look lighter and more reddish.

    GL! They're both beautiful.

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  5. I have the Acorn Maggie and it's definatly a reddish brown and has the brass hardware. The lining is a pale pink and very boring(that's the only thing I don't like about it). I was deciding between Acorn and Walnut too, but IMO the Acorn is a prettier color. Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks so much. I appreciate your time and you've helped for sure.
  7. oooh la la. my next bag i want the acorn color myself. couldn't really tell a big difference in the two until i just saw the pics but i was always an acorn fan. that color is lighter and IMO will go with more
  8. I was just at the outlet today and compared my walnut Maggie to an acorn Audrey at the store. The colors are pretty identical ... unless my walnut was wrongly labeled, acorn and walnut are the same color. Those drilldown pics are pretty deceiving ... either way, you'll look fabulous with this brown!
  9. this reminds me of the issue with coach making the legacy whiskey,then the walnut. people get them mixed up so much. especially on ebay. i would guess the acorn just has more reddish tone. both are gorgeous though!