Magenta work ~ Should I get the GSH or RH??

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  1. :woohoo:Hi everyone~

    I was planning to get the pale magenta work with RH earlier... then I saw this beautiful pale magenta work in GSH few days ago and is GORGEOUS :heart: All my bbags are RH and I've never fell in love with the GSH before until I saw this work.

    Gals, I need your help :sos:

    Should I get the work with RH or GSH? :shame:
  2. This is such a tough choice!! I've also been contemplating a pale magenta work and have been trying to decide whether to go the SGH or RH. I think that I might be leaning toward RH (for the moment, anyway!), but if all of your bags are RH and you are really in love with the SGH, then I definitely think that you should go for the SGH!!
  3. I am a strong supporter of the Work with RH just because it does not hurt my shoulder as much... I love how giant hardware looks, but with all the stuff I put in my bag, the weight does really hurt my shoulder..

    I think Work RH is much practical for every day use especially when you do care lots of stuff in your bag..

    I think GH bags are better on City because you don't carry that much and there is a shoulder strap to help..
  4. ^^ my vote's for the GSH girl!!! :tup:
  5. The GSH is heavier than the RH, I don't know if I should give it a try!!! Maybe I should stuck with the RH... :shrugs:
  6. ^^ yep, it's heavier but gorgeous :wlae:
  7. :love: I know... is stunning!!!!
  8. I am tending to buy more in RH the moment but I think that the GSH actually sets of the Magenta colour best.
  9. GSH certainly provides alot more "pop" to the colour but for me i'm more a RH girl. It depends on your style! Let us know what you decide! ;)
  10. I really like GSH on the Work bags... and if you've already seen one that you absolutely love, you should go for it
  11. I like the Regular Hardware... I still haven't gone to the GH side yet... but am liking the Silver Giant H though...

    Good luck on what you decide, it sounds like which HARDWARE you get you'll LOVE using it anyway!!! hehehe... just rock it!!! :o)
  12. both are great choices. if you see yourself wearing the GSH long term meaning you won't get tired of it then go for that. the giant HW looks great on bigger bags. on the other hand, the RH is always a classic. tough choices. good luck in your decision!
  13. Gsh!!!
  14. All my bags have RH, but I just fell in love with pale magenta with GSH that I bought one myself ... a City. I say get GSH. It looks great with this color!
  15. I love the new GSH on the big bags, but if you're going to use the Work a lot to haul around your actual work stuff and on planes, RH might be more practical -lighter and less likely to get scuffed up. But, the GSH is gorgeous especially on Magenta!