Magenta Shoulder BIN$825

  1. does this fit over your shoulder or worn as a wristlet?

    (hi ohdonna)
  2. it can be worn over the shoulder or the strap can be undone and rejoined to be worn as a wristlet. It's really cute.
  3. I have to say~ It is the most adorable thing EVER!:tender: :tender: Look at the cutie mirror! Love it!
  4. that one is mine...its really really cute. Theres 28 people watching it. 28! holy moly. Just hope to break even on that and my damn impulse buys. I was gonna cut the rings off and use it like the makeup bag...but, decided not to. oh well.:crybaby:
  5. oh and I'll ship for free to my Purse Forum girls.
  6. I love this....the style is so great for going out at night and the color is gorgeous! Good luck, OhDonna, I wish I had the funds for it!

  7. Love the magenta.

    Donna, since it came from NM, why can't you just return it for a refund?
  8. Oh Donna, good luck with your sales! :heart: You have the best Chloe items for sale too! I love that Chloe cosmetic travel case. I've never seen one of those before. I would so buy yours, but I don't like brown. Do you know if those are still available anywhere? :flowers:
  9. If it doesnt sell I will return it,but my SA there was very nice so I kinda dont want the return to go against her. I know others were looking for one, so I thought I'd throw it on ebay for a few days.

  10. Ooohhhh this is so gorgeous and I was just looking for a Shoulder too! Wish it was in my price range though.. doh!