Magenta shoulder bag - should I keep it? Please advise!

  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm seeking advice from other B-bag owners. I purchased a magenta shoulder bag from Bluefly and I love the color, love the shape, but the shoulder strap is a little short. Basically the bag is mostly right under my arm. I guess I could use it as a wristlet or maybe somehow extend the shoulder strap, i.e. with a chain, pin, scarf. I'm really struggling with the decision because its really a weekend purse - I can't use it for work really, its too small and I'm a lawyer - and its not the type of weekend purse that I'm used to. I wear tons of black so it works well with my wardrobe. Any other shoulder bag owners? Do people wear these on their arms and does that grow to be comfortable? I've just never worn a purse like that. Re. price I paid about $470, so I think I got a great deal there.

    Any advice???? Please... :cry:
  2. I love the color of your bag, I'm just not fond of the style. I say if you are uncomfortable with it, sell and get one your completely in love with.
  3. I agree with Ranskimmie! Although it is a killer color and you got an amazing deal- no sense keeping it if you can't get use out of it.

    Just thought of something! Call Balenciaga NY and ask if they sell strap extenders that would work with Magenta. I thought I read somewhere on the PF that these might be available- not sure though. And since it is magenta, you might have a hard time getting that color, but could be worth a phone call!
  4. winternight, first of all, congrats on your new bag! i was fortunate enough as well to get the exact same one from bluefly too :nuts: and i cannot tell you how much i love it :love:

    i'm sorry about your dilemma. i think it really is a great purchase for the price we paid-although you are reluctant to keep it b/c it's not at all practical for your work. honestly, it's not practical for me either b/c i am a mom of 2 and everyone normally sees me carrying bags big enough to hold the kitchen sink in. but since i REALLY and TRULY love the color, i decided to keep it. i just use it to hold my own immediate necessities-cell phone, wallet, key pouch, ID, and phone/addy book. so if i need to change handbags or, usually, can't find MY stuff in the diaper bag (filled w/ diapers, wipes, toys, bottles, snacks, xtra clothes, etc.) i have the magenta purse so easy to see, reach and yank out to access what i need for me.

    i hope you'll reconsider in keeping it and making work for you. i'm sure it can function wonderfully career-wise and personally for you as it has for me ;) good luck and please let me know what you decide :smile:
  5. I called B in NYC and they said that they didn't sell straps like that: "we don't recommend that people alter the shape of the bag." I can still return the bag, I'm in the return period. I'm also wondering if a regular magenta bag will be too big, I'm really not a colorful person...

    Bagcrazee, I'm glad that you're enjoying the bag and that you also got a deal! I love, love, love the color. Its really something special. I'm going to purchase a Gucci tote for work sometime this summer, so this is more of a fun or weekend bag for me. I'm so tempted to keep it because I wear so much black, even in the summer, so it will really brighten me up. My bf even loves the bag and tells me to keep it.
  6. Good to know- thanks for calling! Magenta is such a bold color but for some reason just looks amazing in the City and especially the First. I am a lawyer too, and have the ink City- which fits everything! Such a practical and lightweight bag- I love it!
  7. I can't wait to see the ink in person, I'm sure that its gorgeous. And I just love the leather of the b-bags. Unfortunately, I don't think anywhere in DC currently carries the bags. Do you carry your bag to work? My practice area is securities/banking, so its pretty on the conservative side. I'm thinking a Gucci tote will be a little wild around here.:amuse:
  8. LOL! I usually wear my MJ Blake (in black) to work. But DO wear my City depending on the outfit. I just love how light it is. It is a bit funky for law, but we need to spice it up a bit, don't you think! I chose Ink because it does not jump out at you- its just a beautiful color and goes well with some of my suits (charcoal, chocolate and black) Try calling NM and see if they can order you a City in Ink- because you can always return it if you don't like it. Otherwise, you can always call Bal NY- but can only return their for a store credit.
  9. We do need to spice it up! I'm glad to discover another fashionable attorney. I think the MJ Blake is really a great bag. Good to hear that it goes with charcoal and chocolate as well, that along with black, is pretty much my wardrobe. I'm going to seriously consider having NM order me an Ink City. Does that color also go with dark jeans though?
  10. OMG! YES! It looks even better with Jeans! You seriously cannot go wrong with Ink- I promise!!! You will love it!
  11. hey winternight
    congrats on an awesome colour b-bag!!! Magenta is SO on my list.... if you decide to return the current magenta one you've got you can always get a FIRST from Bal NY - the last time i spoke to them they had it in stock.... the FIRST is bigger than the purse for sure and the FIRST has a shoulder strap BUT i must say the INK is great colour too - actually i havent been helpful at all - its the colours that confuse me! they're all great!!!
    good luck with what you decide! :smile:
  12. I love the color also, but I'd take it in the First, City or Twiggy. I don't find the other styles as roomy enough for me. If it's not suiting you, I would return it and get another style. Good luck with your decision!

    Jag is right. Ink is a fabulous color, but there are so many great colors with B-bags! It's hard to ever pick one and say that it's really a bad color.
  13. I agree with bagcrazee, you can always use it as a clutch to put in all the necessities and throw it in your larger bags so they won't get lost. I am actually considering getting a clutch for this purpose. Magenta is gorgeous though, I hope you decided to keep it, otherwise PM me, I might be interested :biggrin: In any case, you should post pics! I'd love to see it
  14. I guess I should also mention that I actually like the size, its just that the strap is rather short, so I'd have to wear it on my arm, or maybe add something to the strap to lengthen it - the strap has a little hook, so that you can switch it from a clutch to a shoulder strap - I was thinking that a cute twilly or something might do the trick. I think I'd only want a larger bag in a more neutral color. It is a great evening bag, but I already have two nice Guccis that I wear when I got out, although maybe this would be a good casual evening purse.
  15. Am i crazy? i have heard that the balenciaga bags on bluefly are fakes.