magenta purse anywhere?

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  1. if anyone sees a magenta purse anywhere, can YOU please let me know!!!

  2. You're a LITTLE too late to be in luck... Donna do you still have that one you were trying to sell?
  3. Where were you when Donna had listed hers for four times :nuts: and finally got sold.:jammin:
  4. Its long gone to the UK....
  5. There is NO selling on the board.
  6. ^We know! We're not selling here Megs! We're referring to the one that a PFer was selling on Ebay.
  7. oh yeah megs! im not solicting a sale hehe!!! Just wanted to know if a TPF member has seen one at a second hand shop etc...I believe donna had hers listed on ebay and another member posted it in this area for others to see hehe....:idea: