Magenta owners

  1. I'm thinking about buying a magenta first or twiggy and I'm curious if the color goes with everything since it's such a bright color. i cannot afford more than 1 bag, much less another bbag so i need it to go with everything. i think i want something fun and bright as opposed to black or brown. thanks :smile:
  2. it goes with almost everything. I think its one of the most versatile brights out there.
  3. i agree w/ circoit. :yes:

    magenta fan here! :love:
  4. I LOVE the Magenta color, but it is bright and I know some of the folks here on the forum have had difficulty in *matching* the color to their outfits (I could care less ... but some folks do).

    The bigger question is ... where are you going to get the bag? You do know that this Color was done in 2005 and is no longer available, right? The only place you would potentially find one is probably on eBay.
  5. I have been thinking about 04 Rose and Magenta for a while now. I think Magenta would look better in a smaller bag and wear it as a stand out accessory against solid colours.
  6. yeah i would prolly buy it on eBay, i haven't found one, nor do i have the money until i sell my paddy. i'm just doing some research on possible colors.
  7. i really only wear my magenta with black and white and green not so much with the browns or beiges.... but it is very versatile!!!
  8. i have a magenta first and i love the vibrant color of this bag... unfortunately, i don't think it is as versatile as browns and blacks... i have worn my caramel twiggy a lot more than my magenta first
  9. I had a Magenta Clutch, and it did not go with ANYthing I wear. I wear lots of blues,greens... and black. I guess I'm not a pink girl :sad: , but if you are then you should definitely get it!
  10. OOOOH get the Magenta !!!:yahoo: And if you have nothing that matches it go and get an entire new wardrobe to match that AMAZING bag !!!:yes: (that's what I did:p )
  11. i have a magenta WE and it is fabulous. it is pretty versatile, not for everything, but most, and is makes me smile when i carry it.:heart:
  12. I love the way magenta looks with brown, its one of my favorite combos. You should try it sometime.

    Also, I think it looks soo awesome against green. Green and magenta are actually complimentary colors, so they really pop when put together. It also looks really pretty with spring pastels like lilac, sky blue, light yellow, and mint green. Rather than trying to match stuff, you just have to make sure the color looks good against what you are wearing.
  13. I am on the hunt for a Magenta First and I plan to wear it with EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes:
  14. I have a Magenta shoulder I use for errands and going out at night. I LOVE IT! :heart: As the other posters have said, it's a very versatile, bright color that pops against a lot of other colors!!

    I want to try Circoit's recommendation of wearing Bal Magenta with green. yummy!!:love:
  15. ^^^^Hi LOWO !!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: