Magenta madness

  1. I'm going to pick up my Magenta City tomorrow!! I can't wait! A friend of my sister is selling hers...I paid an arm and a leg for it, but it will soo be mine!!:love:

    For those of you who are magenta crazy, cricket has a magenta hobo, magenta classique and magenta box...Cricket has them. Hurry up because I'm suret they'll go quickly!
  2. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love: :nuts:
  3. wooowww... please share pics... okay....
  4. I definitely will post pics once i get it. I was going to wait so that I wouldn't jinx myself, but I couldn't help it!!
  5. excellente!!! I wish I could pull off the magenta but I tend to like the more pastel-y shades. I bet it's gorgeous!
  6. Cutie is that a metallic pink 06 in your avatar? My friend is selling her metallic pink city so I'm wondering if this is what it looks like? It's gorgeous!!! :love: :nuts: :amuse:

  7. Congratulations, magenta is such a stunning colour!:love:
  8. Can't wait to see your pics ;) !! Congrats to this gorgeous magenta bag ... you will love it :love: !!
  9. How exciting, congrats! Please post pictures :nuts:
  10. yay!!!! congrats!!!!!
  11. mpark, you're sooooo lucky! congrats! pls post pics!
  12. Lucky girl! Congrats!
  13. is that site legit? sorry, im not familiar with them and what country are they located out of ( conversion purposes) thanks
  14. I Just Pm'd You...hurry And Read It
  15. 0o0o0o congrats!!!!! totally loving the magenta!!!!