Magenta GGH~ can you post pics???

  1. I am blown away by how gorgeous magenta with GSH looks but am needing to see a picture of magenta with GGH. Does anyone have a bag or accessory with GGH? Thanks so much!!!!:smile:

    Anyway~ what do you guys prefer~ magenta with GGH or SGH? I love it with silver but want to see a pic with gold!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I think it was sammydoll who posted a beautiful LE Magenta with GGH a while back, but I don't think anyone has posted a new magenta with gold yet.
  3. I have no pictures but I saw the Magenta in both the SGH & GGH in person. I actually love it in GGH more. Somehow it blings up the Magenta & gives the bag more dimension & depth. But I am also a huge fan of the colour GOLD do I could be bias.
  4. magenta SGH all the way!!! this bag is so hot.. the lighter magenta is complemented beautifully with the silver.. it's just harmony! :heart:
  5. I have it in silver, picture taken with flash and without.
    5.jpg 6.jpg
  6. LV obsessed415 how beautiful, wish I was more into pinks.
    But I love it.
  7. Wow, LVobsessed, your magenta has amazing leather!!!

    Swissflower, your EB makes me wish I was more into blues!!
  8. That is soooooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! ACKKK!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!:love:
  9. WAAHHH~ I want to see how the GGH looks!!!! I wish someone would post a picture!!! Thanks for your opinion!!!
  10. YES!!! Harmony!!!:roflmfao: I know~ I love the magenta bags and accessories I've seen with SGH too!!!!!