Magenta City Madness!

  1. Ladies, do I have a snowballs hell in chance ( Cristines phrase, LOVE IT!!)of this becoming my next Bbag:blink: ? Or am I just wishful thinking:idea: :amuse: ?? Any help would be appreciated:biggrin: ;)
    If anyone wants to sell, Im your girl:love: Just pm me!! (In my dreams right?)
  2. Oh my, didn't catch that, sorry. :sad:
  3. kimmie what size would you like?;) :love: I'll help you find it!;)

    PS: I am sick again..fever:huh: :cry:
  4. Im looking for the City!:biggrin:

    pm'n ya!
  5. doin' the Magenta "bump":biggrin:
  6. Kimmie what about a magenta box, too small? Bumping for you - we will find you that city!
  7. ^
    Yeah, Im really wanting the city. The box is just not a shape I prefer. Thanks hun!
  8. the magenta work in Ebay is TDF!
  9. ^I'm pretty sure the one at cricket is magenta.:biggrin:
  10. Thanks ladies. Still looking for a city. The first is just too small :'(
  11. O.K. so I have changed my mind. I have definetely decided I want the magenta first instead:yes: . Anyone?:blink: