magazine storage

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  1. Hey!
    I have a problem with my magazine issues... There are tons of them and I don't know how to store them properly. They are always in the way in every room of the house and sometimes it drives me nuts that everything looks so cluttered.
    What do you do? Any good advice? Keep in mind that my space is kinda small (and I have a dog who likes to chew on Vogue issues:lol:)

    (Btw, I really think we should have a Home Keeping sub-forum here)
  2. What should you do? Throw them out.

    Most everything that's in them will be online somewhere. No need to keep cluttering your space.
  3. I would consider throwing some out but most of them are collectible and rare items's cinda difficult.

    JCinwrppingppr thanks for the links! they are really helpful!
  4. Have you had them appraised?
  5. I'd throw them out. Unless they are several decades old, they probably aren't really that valuable.

    If you think they are valuable, then they shouldn't be just laying out anywhere. You can buy storage boxes anywhere.
  6. For the magazines that are not valuable but still have useful info in them, I suggest you tear out the relevant pages.

    Then you can store the pages in file folders and one box. Or you can scan the pages and discard the paper when you are done. I did this with recipes and pics of some cooking magazines that were taking up too much space.

    Good luck!
  7. I take my old magazines to the hospital or nursing homes so others can enjoy them...
  8. If you have issues that are important to you it'd probably be best to put them in plastic sleeves and then in some sort or rubbermaid container so that they wouldn't be ruined by water or smoke or anything.

    I've started recycling my magazines because I never re-read them and felt guilty about just throwing them out. If there was something I wanted to keep I would just tear the page out and ditch the rest.
  9. I put them all in a pile.. Cause it makes an image cause it's cosmo!
  10. I've never thought of scanning! that's a great idea!

    thanks all!!!:biggrin:
  11. hmm... what do you mean by that? it'a a language barrier thing... hehe
  12. Well, you say they're valuable, meaning there's a monetary worth. Are you sure of this, or do you think they're valuable?

    The only reason I ask is cause your first post mentions that you have so many that they get in the way. I doubt that every magazine you have is worth a decent amount of money. I guess your post might border a hoarding problem, but I am not saying that's the case. So, you tell me. That was the point of me asking if you were 100% of the magazines' worth, cause most people who hoard, think their possessions are worth a lot of money, but in reality, are not. They're simply too attached to let them go.