Madrid....and A Big Orange Box!

  1. Madrid at Christmas is extra festive and vibrant, everyone is in a great partying mood and the atmosphere is really warm (unlike the weather!) We had been lucky to enjoy great food, sights and art and leaving, decided to do some shopping in the Salamanca district.

    Popped into Cartier and Dior to sigh over the jewellery then a few doors down to Hermes!:drool:

    The store was really busy, as expected, oranges boxes and bags flying out of the store, destined to light up someone's Christmas. I had already spotted a travel Birkin in the window, wondered what other treasures I would find...

    Pacing myself I glanced at the bracelets, the horn hair picks and wow was that Kelly Caleche in the parfum? Nevermind, more important things further inside. No SAs were free so I strolled casually to peep in the glass cabinets with the bags.

    AHHH an orange ostrich Kelly 25cm, beautiful! and a matte brown croc Birkin in 25cm also. Need a closer look, but still no one free so I went on to look at the homewares, children's and mens. I am drawing out the moment. Back to wait and wait patiently at the glass case. Spotted more, 35cm rose dragee birkin and 2 Kellys! One gold in 35cm and one dark choc in 32cm.:nuts:

    Finally the SM comes to offer help, dressed in head-to-toe H. He seems a little stand-offish, but I have been waiting quietly. DH has come to join me. I asked about the croc, he takes it out and puts it on the counter. I ask him out of curiousity what that little mark next to the stamp is ( I know a LOT MORE now hahaha) and he says curtly;" I don't know." Huh he doesn't? I am very surprised he doesn't want to extol the virtues of a POROSUS CROC but oh well.

    I ask if there are any other Birkins in stock but he says only a black one. Hmmm not for me.

    Then I ask to see the dark choc Kelly. Again I ask what the colour is and all he does is take the tag out and point out HAVANNE. Not a word said. I am getting a bit taken aback but my heart is beating faster. Undeterred I try again and ask for the price. DH sees the sparkle in my eyes and says the magic words! "We'll take it.":yahoo:

    He goes to the back to pack it and asks if I want a box. Are you kidding? Thankfully the SA at the cashier is much more friendly. We have a little chat and she tells me to just be a little careful of pickpockets as it's getting dark and they like to strike at this time of year. Just as we are about to leave I peek in and find the box is sadly without its ribbon so I ask but am told they have run out. Sigh.

    Back home I am sooo disappointed to find there is no rain protection kit in the box! Gosh do I have to get one on eBay? But which size? So I search 'Hermes rain protection/ kit' and I find THE PURSE FORUM!

    Ladies and Gentleman thank you for reading this very long post!

    PS Sorry I am having problems posting the pics...
  2. Welcome :smile: congratulations on your new Kelly :smile: Hope to see a pic some time soon... Do you live close to a Hermes store? I think you just can pick one up... or maybe call the closest by store and tell your story, maybe they will send it.
  3. Congrats on your kelly bag and welcome to the forum.

    PS: Sorry that the SAs were so sloppy and did not bother to check that the raincoat was in the box... how annoying!
  4. Thanks very much, yes I went to get the kit at the Amsterdam store!
  5. Congratulations on your new bag. Happy to read that it puts a smile on your face!
  6. Congratulations on such a beautiful bag! I am sorry you had such a horrible time with the snooty SA; but at least you came out winning in the end! Can't wait for the pictures!
  7. Congrats on your new bag. Looking forward to seeing some pictures. Welcome to the World of Orange.
  8. Christmastime can be crazy! I'm sorry you had an off-kilter experience but I'm sure you still walked out with a gorgeous Kelly! Welcome to TPF can't wait to see your new baby!
  9. That's great! Enjoy your kelly ;) still in Amsterdam ? I hope to come soon again too.
  10. Can't wait to see it!
  11. congrats on your beautiful kelly :flowers:

    do share some pictures please...32cm; havanne; hardware ph? or gh?; retourne? rigid?; what leather?

    cheers! :drinkup:
  12. Congrats on your new bag!
  13. I love that color -- can you post a photo?
  14. Wow, congratulations! I'm sorry the SA was not the nicest but you got a great bag, so that's what counts! Enjoy!
  15. Congrats !!!! Pics Please!!!