Mademoiselle Ligne - delicate?

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  1. I'm thinking about getting the Mademoiselle Ligne large tote and have heard that it has a history of being really delicate. Can anyone with a piece from the MM line share their experience? Thanks!
  2. I know...i've heard it too...but i have the large tote and it is not so easy to scratch...:shrugs: Maybe is just mine??I'm very lucky i suppose!!:yes: :love:
  3. I have the MMe Flap and I absolutely love her. She is actually standing up to wear fare better than I thought she would. I was worried about her being lambskin and how glossy her leather coat is. But all in all, she is definitely more delicate than the caviar. I still love her and if you're careful, I think you're ok.

    Good luck! I can't wait to see pictures of your bag! :yahoo: I love this ligne but it doesn't seem to be as popular! :yes:
  4. Thanks so much! I've loved the line ever since I first saw it in an ad campaign. It appeals to me because its subtle and so luxe looking while not being too old.