Mademoiselle Large Tote (?'s)

  1. I saw this mademoiselle bag in the "Reference Library". I was wondering if this is still the current price $1595 (the bag pic was posted back on 9/2).
    Also if they are still available in CHANEL boutiques...and dimensions?

    Btw, Anyone own this bag pros/cons??:shrugs:

  2. I've seen this tote at Neiman Marcus. There should be some floating around.:yes:
  3. i have it. i have to be honest. it's not an easy bag. the lambskin leather catches every scratch and for such a large tote it gets banged up very easily. the mademoislle is better in the camera size or a smaller size.

    it is inevitable for such a large bag to get scratched, hit things or rub against walls and such. if i had known this prior to getting it, i would have gotten the camera bag....which btw, my girlfriend has and she doesn't have the same problems with it, purely because of it's size.

    it's a gorgeous bag and if u have ur heart set on it, go for it. but just keep in mind it's not practical.

    good luck!!
  4. ok! i'm a dork. i don't have this style, i have the really big one from the first series of mademoiselle bags that came out. i think this one is smaller. so it'll probably be easier to handle than the one i have!! what are the dims of this one?
  5. I ended up returning the MM worked great for a while...then the stitching started to come undone...
  6. I was very close to getting the really large one that first came out. Does it say "Chanel" on the outside bottom, in really big letters?

    I loved it, it was almost perfect for me, but I thought it might be too bulky and wide at the bottom. Fabulous looking purse, though! I love the clean line of that purse.
  7. yes, that is the one. it's really big. too big. and SO NOT PRACTICAL. it shows every single sign of wear that hits it. boo hoo!
  8. Really???I love mine!:heart: I'm very surprised,mine is not so easy to scratch...:confused1:
    I was thinking about it the other day...:yes: I have the version with the CHANEL on the bottom and i noticed the plastic on it got scratched more than the leather:nuts: I feel pretty comfortable with i the only one?:P
  9. The gorgeous, soft leather was the thing that initially drew me to this bag.