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  1. just wondering, i happen to look at the mini lin speedy and no where does it say where it was made in, i looked everywhere. is it suppose to say somewhere in the bag where it was made in or not! thanks !!!;)
  2. It should be stamped on the leather leaf on the side of the bag...the one that does not have a hole it it.
  3. it does not. i know the mono speedy has it but the mini lin did not:confused1:
  4. didn't you make another thread about this?

    sometimes on this bag, the heatstamp is VERY hard to see...look closely under a bright light
  5. You mean your mini lin doesn't have the leather leaf or it has the leaf but the heatstamp is missing?

    My mini lin speedy does have the words "Louis Vuitton Made in France" stamped on the leather leaf.
  6. yes i finally found it on the leather leaf but i had to use a flashlight to see it, it is just so hard to see, thanks girls for your help.
  7. if you look under a BRIGHT light you will see the pull leaf without the hole says made in .....

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