made a decision...finally!

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  1. i've been vascillating back and forth for the past few weeks and driving myself NUTS! i want to buy one amazing bag (dh and i have an agreement that i buy one amazing bag and then get none for a YEAR!!!)...and i had a prada gauffre sent to me and a bbag sent to me as well...i didn't love either one of know that amazing feeling when you get a bag and you know it's "just right" and you don't care what anyone else thinks about it? i didn't get that feeling...SOOOO, i sent both bags back...and felt much better actually! meanwhile, today i was looking at bags and found a michael kors bag that was instant LOVE!!! it's a gorgeous bag and i'm going to have it sent to me tomorrow...the hardware is amazing, silver, the kind i love and it has zippers and pockets's kind of pricy but this bag is amazing and i dont' think it's going to make me feel badly about not getting another bag for a year...(plus...there's eBay and if i get REALLY desperate, i can sell one of my koobas, gusttos, or bulgas to get something else!!!)...
    i know this was long...thanks for letting me get it off my chest!!!!:wlae::wlae::wlae:
  2. i wish i could stick to a plan like this, and instead of buying a bunch of bags on sale in the $200-300 range, just buy one fabulous bag a year... unfortunately, i totally crave the rush of getting a new bag, even if it's not exactly my dream bag...

    glad you found a bag you really love. it seems like, given that you're buying one/year, you made a good call by going with something less trendy than a gauffre.
  3. i felt that way all the time...still do actually, but i really wanted an amazing bag...this bag just did it for had everything that i wanted...and frankly what i really want is a great bag that i love instead of spending hard earned money on bags that are just so-so...
  4. I know exactly what you mean....I found my "it" bag yesterday. I was returning two Chloe's yesterday, both were nice bags and fun, but I realized that they weren't the "whole package" for me (Edith Satchel and a patent Betty Hobo in Grenat). My policy is that I must buy on sale, so all of these sales have been so tempting...I buy, and end up taking things back. So, I stop by NM and found it - a Jimmy Choo Talia. A never look at Jimmy Choo's cuz most that I have seen have big name plates on 'em and they don't pay me to advertise their goods (another policy I have!). With this bag, the name is discrete. It's the right size, the right "feel", the right functionality, the right look - the right everything :tup:. AND the right price. Now, I feel like I really don't need another bag for awhile. Congratulations on finding your's a great feeling, yes? :yahoo:
  5. I used to have the policy of one great bag a year until I joined this forum. This year I got 4 great bags! They were all on sale and great deals but now I have to buckle down and be on a ban for a while. My friends are telling me I have to up my renter's insurance to cover these new additions!
  6. I'd love you to post a picture of this dream bag that made your heart sing and congratulations....can't wait till you get it!